Thursday, July 14, 2011

We had some really good times up at Mill Creek this year! We had some activities for the kids like the Country Store. They had to earn tickets throughout the day by doing good things---(cleaning plate up, sharing toys, helping little kids). It worked good-- especially very well for Zak, i couldnt believe i would only have to ask him one time to do something and it was done--- NOW THAT IS A WOW FOR ZAK. We also tie dyed shirts. A lot of the kids chose the same colors-blue and green, but they turned out pretty good. It was our first time doing it so we know what to do different next time! Especially use colors to wash them out, Kisha and Laura turned into Avatars. Amy wanted to go on a picnic one day up the trail a little way up to the lake, I could't believe we got Blake, Casey, and yes i still am in shock Luke!!! We had to joy to have Kirk and Laurie's family with us this year. So fun!!! Kassie Jake, Laura (girlfriend) and Matt. The kids just loved them.
It was especially fun to say we threw snowballs on the 4th of July!!!!
My Park family came this year too. Mom & Dad- Chad &Elda- Kirk & Ashley. We went fishing, and riding. The best part was on one ride Luke told me to jump off and hide and surprise everyone with snowballs. HaHAHA man did it work. I got Dad really good, & Uncle Chad ducked and my snow ball hit Zak in the neck. The laughing of course took over for a bit and then I had to console him!
Here are some snap shots of the 10 day camping trip!! Mill Creek

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jaxon is 1, wow where did that year go! He is such a joyful kid. He has the cutiest smile in the world. He just loves his big brother Zak. Never fails every morning Jaxon is the first to run to Zak to give him a hug and a kiss. I just love seeing it! Jaxon was not a happy camper on his birthday--- a little sick, cutting teeth.
Zak just tured 5! Holy Moly a kindergartener. I sent Zak on a treasure hunt through our house. He had so much fun being a pirate.
He is so excited and ready to go to school. He continues to amaze me on the things he thinks about and says. Such a thinker, like his dad.
Ok so the pirate ship was partial sinking before whene ate it. he he ha ha