Friday, January 23, 2009

HURRAY I GET TO START PAINTING TOMORROW!!! Well i guess i will get to do all the primer tomorrow, but here is my color scheme.

Creek bend: Main Living Area- Master bedroom- Office
New Brick, Falling leaf: Entry way and Kitchen, i cant decide between the two.
Smokey Blue: Utility Room
Stone Hearth: Fire place and accent wall in the master bedroom
Sandstone cliff: Main Bathroom & Master bathroom
Camoflauge: One wall in Zaks room.
My little cowboy. Love the picture

Luke with cement splattered all over his face

This is Luke, Bryce and Blake pouring the flour to the basement. It was alot of work. We had to break it up in I think 4 different pours because it was so big. Ha ha ha.

Monday, January 19, 2009

So it have been an adventure building our new house. We started in May of 2008 and we are still working on it. Luke has been doing all the work himself, well with the help of his father and very willing wife and son and many other helpers as well, it would take alot to list and I dont want to leave anyone out. Thanks so much for the hard hard work!
We just cant wait to get moved in. Right now we have the sheet rockers working on texture, and will hopefully be done in a couple days when the work really begins for me. PAINT! It is not my favorite thing in the world to do, but choosing all the colors myself helps me and i am so excited to see what it will look like. Here are some pictures we have takin along the way.